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Subscription option for small to mid-size corporations and government agencies

Please note: This subscription option is not offered to academic institutions or large, multi-site corporate or government organizations. However, your IEEE sales representative can present a range of alternative options that are better suited to meet the needs of your organization and users.

Providing instant access to IEEE information at a price any company can afford

IEEE Enterprise, brought to you via the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, provides instant desktop access to articles and papers from IEEE magazines, journals, transactions, conference proceedings, and select eBook titles and stores them in an electronic file cabinet so your entire team of researchers can share.

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Features and Benefits

IEEE Enterprise delivers an affordable way to meet the research needs of any small to mid-size organization with innovative information and powerful research tools:

Tomorrow's research first: Access the leading journals and conferences that build today's patents:

  • Full-text access to nearly 6 million documents from IEEE journals, magazines, transactions, and conferences, including early access documents and partner content
  • More than 57,300 full-text documents from several eBooks collections, including IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library, MIT Press eBooks Library, River Publishers eBooks Library, Wiley Data and Cybersecurity eBooks Library, and Wiley Telecommunications eBooks Library
  • Also featuring content from:
    • IET’s E&T Magazine as well as proceedings from IET conferences and events
    • Archives of the IBM Journal of Research and Development with 6,600+ documents and a backfile to 1957
    • MIT Press: 8 journal titles
    • VDE: 20+ conference titles with 18,000+ documents and a backfile to 2005
    • Nokia: Archives of the Bell Labs Technical Journal with 6,300 documents and a backfile to 1922
    • American Geophysical Union: 7,700+ journal articles from Radio Science
    • Oxford University Press: 26 journal titles
  • Three package levels to choose from, meeting the needs of any business
  • A backfile to the late 1800s for select titles
  • Unlimited viewing of expanded abstracts
  • Access to the same information used by today's most innovative companies and your top competitors

Rapid collaboration: Share an article with your entire research team by downloading once to an online file cabinet.

Instant article access: No more waiting for document delivery services.

Easy to use: Convenient IP authentication plus robust search tools with a user-friendly interface minimize training time.

Trace the path of technology: Abstract/citation and bibliographic records for subscribed content, plus citation reference linking.

How it Works

IEEE Enterprise is delivered via the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Articles included in the subscription can be downloaded into the online file cabinet and are available at any time by anyone in the company. As articles are downloaded, a document counter will be updated to show the number of downloads remaining.

Please note: The shared file cabinet stores a maximum of 5,000 documents.

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How to Subscribe

Subscribe to IEEE content at a level that suits your company's budget and information needs.

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