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Powerful platform that provides a unique, robust, and high-quality transportation dataset combined with advanced analytics tools

IEEE has partnered with leading authorities in transportation and mobility data intelligence to bring this new research and analytics solution to academic institutions and non-profit organizations. The National Transportation Data & Analytics Solution is a powerful platform that provides a unique, robust, and high-quality transportation dataset combined with advanced analytics tools, enabling valuable insights to empower academic research and instruction.

With expansive coverage of over 400,000 road segments of the U.S. National Highway System, and the full Traffic Message Channel (TMC) network, this advanced platform provides field-observed travel time and speed data for both trucks and passenger vehicles collected from across the country. Providing several billions of detailed observations directly to the fingertips of researchers, this deep dive analytics platform enables users to quickly and easily retrieve, analyze, visualize, and better understand critical transportation data, leading to profound insights and advancements across the transportation and mobility industry spectrum.

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Features and Benefits

  • Leverages the National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS), a vehicle probe-based travel time dataset relied upon by the FHWA performance measurement programs.
  • Unique and comprehensive dataset specifically designed for researchers, faculty, and students working in fields related to transportation, civil engineering, urban planning, and more
  • Offers speed and travel time temporal resolution as low as five minutes providing greater granularity and precision for enhanced insights
  • Includes data back to 2017, allowing for time series analysis, which enables researchers to identify patterns, variations and trends over time and forecast future results
  • Delivered via an advanced analytics platform with deep-dive tools that provide powerful features and visualizations, enabling custom mapping and analysis
  • Enables multidisciplinary use cases across several fields related to transportation studies and engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering and planning, urban and economic planning, and many others
  • Trusted data source of the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) relied upon to make investment and policy decisions that contribute to national performance goals
  • Includes 50 multi-disciplinary use cases from leading IEEE experts in transportation, mobility and related fields detailing how the platform can be used to facilitate and enhance research projects

The National Transportation Data & Analytics Solution platform is equipped with state-of-the-art analytics tools allowing users to:

  • Conduct advanced analysis, research, and performance generation using probe data
  • Analyze traffic conditions across one or more stretches of road
  • Determine monetary impact of a delay on the roadway to its users
  • Evaluate the congestion health across roadways
  • Gain insight into several statistics like speed, buffer time index, planning time index, and travel time index
  • Create animated maps of performance metrics over the course of time and visualize data on other interactive graphic tools
  • Download raw data for offline analysis, create, and download reports
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