IEEE DiscoveryPoint

The All-in-One Discovery Platform for Practicing Engineers

IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications is an all-in-one platform built for engineers in industry to design and develop technology solutions. Put your trust in a new solution that brings subject-focused information together from hundreds of vetted sources. Quickly find the technical information you need and extract key insights from your results with machine learning.

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Features and Benefits

Learn how IEEE DiscoveryPoint can support important design and development work at your organization by providing:

  • Trusted Sources: Find answers to technical questions by referencing relevant content from multiple high-quality sources, including full-text IEEE publications.
  • All-in-One Search: Locate all the information you need—cutting-edge research, industry standards, parts and component data from leading vendors, white papers, and more—in a single platform.
  • Focused Communication Content: Easily find project-specific information by searching expertly curated content that covers every aspect of communications technology.
  • Practical Industry Data: Discover solutions for real-world design challenges with resources tailored to support engineers in industry.

Easily find industry-specific resources communications engineers depend on in the convenience of a single platform, including:

  • 1.4M+ Research Documents
  • 14,000+ Standards
  • 18.4M+ Vendor Parts and Data Solutions
  • 1,300+ Industry News, Blogs, and White Paper Sources
  • 7,500+ Online Courses
  • 1,300+ eBook Titles
  • 700+ Industry Events
  • 30+ Curated Dashboards on Hot Topics (i.e. Internet of Things, mmWave, Nanotechnology, and more)

Additional Information

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How to Get Access

Take the first step towards optimizing your product design and improving your workflow. Contact an IEEE representative today to learn more about IEEE DiscoveryPoint!

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