Enhance your knowledge in Ethical AI with IEEE CertifAIEd Assessor Training

IEEE has worked with experts in the field of AI and Ethics to develop a training program based on ethical criteria for autonomous intelligent systems (AIS) so engineers and technical professionals can understand the nuances of the ethics related to leveraging this cutting-edge technology.

This AI Ethics training program enables participants to understand the need for ethical AIS and the principles surrounding the criteria. In this program, you will learn how to audit products, services, and systems from an ethics perspective while gaining knowledge of fundamental concepts such as ethics profiling, assessment, and certification. This course will also address algorithmic bias, ethical transparency, privacy, and accountability.

IEEE CertifAIEd Assessor Training Program consists of 3.5 days of virtual instruction followed by an exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, participants receive a digital badge of achievement and are invited to fill out an online Case for Competence application to become an IEEE CertifAIEd Authorized Assessor. Applicants are evaluated and interviewed by a review panel, and individuals who pass the evaluation are recommended to become Authorized Assessors and to be listed in the IEEE CertifAIEd registry.

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Features and Benefits

Being listed in the IEEE CertifAIEd registry helps individuals to:

  • Spread awareness about their professional credentials
  • Gain credibility with business partners and collaborators
  • Expand professional and business opportunities
  • Gain a competitive edge over non-registered competitors
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How to Get Access

Take the first step to getting trained in AI and Ethics. Contact an IEEE representative today to learn more about IEEE CertifAIEd Assessor Training!

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