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IEEE and IBM have partnered to offer subscribers of the IEEE Xplore Digital Library exclusive access to an archive of all papers ever published by the prestigious, top-cited IBM Journal of Research and Development, which includes the IBM Systems Journal. Both publications are leaders in addressing advancements in science, technology, and engineering of information systems.

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Features and Benefits

With the IBM journals archive, you'll have access to:

  • Every published article of two prestigious IBM Journals:
    —IBM Journal of Research and Development (from 1957 to present)
    —IBM Systems Journal (from 1962)
  • Full-text documents for over 6,600 articles
  • Research that is cited nearly 23,000 times in patents filed from 2003 to 2022 in technology categories such as computer hardware, computer software, information storage, semiconductor, and telecommunications, according to 1790 Analytics
  • Key research from leaders in the information science and computer industries
  • Affordable access to the same information used by today's most innovative companies and your top competitors
  • Robust search tools with a user-friendly interface
  • Topics covering: cognitive computing, healthcare transformation, cybersecurity, massive-scale analytics, cloud computing, mobile computing, smarter energy, business transformation, IT services, big data and applications, learning and education, and more

IBM Journal of Research and Development Archive Perpetual Access:

Includes the complete backfile of both the IBM Journal of Research and Development and the IBM Systems Journal

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