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Course series and programs are available in the following topics:

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics Program: Artificial Intelligence and Ethics in Design

Apply the theory of ethics to the design and business of artificial intelligence systems.

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Cyber Security Program: Cyber Security Tools for Today’s Environment

Designed to help businesses improve their security techniques.

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Ethical Hacking Program: Hacking Your Company: Ethical Solutions to Defeat Cyber Attacks

Aimed at helping businesses understand the weak points in their cyber security.

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Internet of Things Program: IEEE Guide to the Internet of Things

A series of training courses, led by top researchers in the field, to give an organization the foundational knowledge it needs now to prepare for the Internet of Things.

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Cloud Computing Series

Covers many aspects of cloud computing technology including overviews, benefits and challenges, compliance and privacy, security, design, architecture, construction, use cases, automation, access control, storage management, and deployment.

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Transportation Electrification Course Series

Understand concepts of electric motors, fuel cells, and electric drive trains as well as electric vehicle batteries, with a focus on lithium-ion batteries.

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Understanding SMPTE ST 2110: Standards for Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks

Intended for engineers who need to understand in detail the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards

View the full list of SMPTE ST 2110 courses

IEEE Introduction to Edge Computing

Designed for organizations investing heavily in edge.

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IEEE Guide to Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Covers foundational and practical applications of autonomous, connected, and intelligent vehicle technologies.

View the full list of Autonomous Vehicle courses

Modernizing the Smart Grid

Designed to get you and your team up to speed quickly on the latest Smart Grid technologies.

View the full list of Modernizing the Smart Grid courses

Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Helps users make sense of blockchain technology and begin to discover applications that make sense for the industry.

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Fundamentals for Technical Professionals Series

9 courses

Gain knowledge on setting career goals, networking, technical writing, ethics, patents, communications skills, and more.

Ideal for an academic or corporate setting for engineering students and professionals to learn important business skills that will help build a successful career.

Course List:

  1. Career Networking for Technical Professionals 
  2. Communication & Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals
  3. Engineering Ethics – Building a Strong Foundation
  4. Fundamentals of Metrology & Measurement
  5. Fundamentals of Patent Protection for Engineers
  6. Motivation in the College Classroom
  7. Technical Writing for Scientists and Engineers
  8. Developing Career Goals for Technical Professionals
  9. How to be a Prolific Inventor

Professional Engineer License Course Series

7 courses

State requirements for Professional Engineers in the U.S. include one to six hours of ethics training and one to nine hours of management training. Courses in this series cover ethics, leadership, and communications skills.

Ideal to help meet continuing education requirements to maintain Professional Engineer licensure and for engineering students and professionals to learn important business skills that will help build a successful career.

Course List:

  1. Thinking like a Leader: the TILL System
  2. An Introduction to Leadership: A Primer for the Practitioner
  3. Engineering Ethics: Building a Strong Foundation
  4. Solving Ethical Dilemmas as an Engineer
  5. Engineering Ethics: Guidance on Sustainability
  6. Communication and Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals
  7. Leadership Development for Technical Professionals

Benefits of IEEE eLearning Library

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  • Courses that are developed and peer-reviewed by leading experts in the field
  • Continuing-education credits—earn CEUs and PDHs, valuable for career development and maintaining professional certifications
  • Courses ranging from one to three hours in length
  • Online learning modules that are self-paced and flexible
  • Interactive content via an easy-to-use player/viewer, audio and video files, diagrams, animations, and automatic place marking
  • Notes, glossary terms, and post-test included with each course
  • Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced levels offered for many subjects

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IEEE eLearning courses are available in a wide range of topics, with many featured course series to choose from in various subtopics.

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