Do you want to stay current or enhance your cyber security knowledge? Your organization can do so through IEEE’s new elearning course series now available from IEEE Xplore. These courses are peer-reviewed and updated by leading experts in the field which will offer tremendous benefits to your organization.

The cyber security industry is expected to continue growing at a rapid pace over the next few years. With that in mind, it is more important than ever to stay up to date with industry research and topics.

This course series package, offered by IEEE, provides a comprehensive set of 11 educational course modules on trending topics, as well as collections supporting specific developmental needs. These courses are ideal for technical professionals at organizations working in cyber security-based technologies looking to enhance their knowledge of the industry.

Content in the new Cyber Security Course Series from the IEEE covers many aspects of the technology, including:

  • Cloud security
  • Data security
  • Mobile device security
  • Cryptography
  • Cyber Security countermeasures
  • The Internet of Things
  • Cyber forensics
  • And much more!
For more information, please visit the Cyber Security course bundle site.