In the April issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, learn about the ultimate incubator, the toughest transistor ever, the top 10 tech cars, and more.

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The Ultimate Incubator

Even before a woman knows she's pregnant, the placenta swells in size, poised to serve as the fetus's kidneys and liver until the fetus has its own. The placenta starts to “breathe” for the fetus

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Can Joe Biden Deliver a Sci-Tech Renaissance?

For good or ill, the Trump administration's U.S. technology policy-and President Barack Obama's tech policy before that-often set global priorities. The new administration will surely be no different...

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We Need to Talk About P-Bits

Computer scientists and engineers have started down a road that could one day lead to a momentous transition: from deterministic computing systems, based on classical physics, to quantum computing

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The Toughest Transistor Ever

In the May 2002 issue of this magazine, the late Lester F. Eastman and Umesh K. Mishra made the case for what was then a long-shot technology in the world of power semiconductors: gallium nitride

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Top 10 Tech Cars

The COVID-19 pandemic put the auto industry on its own lockdown in 2020. But the technological upheavals haven't slowed a bit. The march toward electric propulsion, for example, continued unabated

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