In the April issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about the green software movement, how the ultrasound became ultra small, the birth of a Silicon Valley unicorn, and more!

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IEEE Spectrum: April 2024 Issue

Software Goes Lean & Green

Green Software Movement
“The green software movement is tackling the hidden environmental impact of today’s code. Software may be eating the world, but it is also heating it…”

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Go Ahead, Hack this Handheld Ham Radio

Hackable Radio
Many of the most exciting uses of ham radio today involve digital processing. The K5 modding scene points toward a future where more processing happens in-radio and where you can add new functions easily. Here’s hoping manufacturers embrace that future…

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Ultrasound Gets Ultra Small

Ultrasmall Ultrasound
A startling change in medical ultrasound is here. The long-standing, state-of-the-art ultrasound machine that’s pushed around on a cart, with cables and multiple probes dangling, is being wheeled aside permanently in favor of handheld probes that send images to a phone…

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Birth of a Silicon Valley Unicorn

Silicon Valley Unicorn
“Learn the truth of the messy reality behind a Silicon Valley unicorn and how a ventured capitalist-backed startup’s push for growth left little time for actual engineering….”

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