In the August issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about if brain stimulation can break addiction, the long and winding road to the lithium battery, why the moon needs a power grid, and more.

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IEEE Spectrum Magazine: August 2023 Issue

Can Brain Stimulation Break Addiction?

Different types of brain stimulation may reduce cravings
“Addiction is fundamentally a disease of malfunctioning brain circuits. The task for brain-stimulation researchers remains to find nodes in this aberrant circuitry that can be effectively modified with jolts of energy

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A Game Changer for Fusion?

Can 10,000 kilometers of high-temperature superconducting tape transform fusion power?
CFS, a startup spun out of decades of research at MIT, is among the leaders of a new wave of fusion-energy projects that have emerged in the past decade, taking advantage of technological advances as well as a surge in private-sector investment…

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The Lithium Battery's Twisted Tale

The Lithium-ion Battery's Long and Winding Road
50 years after the birth of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it’s easy to see its value. It’s used in billions of laptops, cellphones, power tools, and cars. Global sales top US $45 billion a year. And yet this transformative invention took nearly two decades to make it out of the lab…

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The Moon Needs a Power Grid

PLUGGING IN THE MOON To supply outposts sunk in the lunar night, solar power must come from the south pole
Most deep-space missions survive with limited sunlight by employing radioisotope thermal generators. Due to the use of highly radioactive fuel, they present many safety challenges. Solar power would be a better solution if it could serve the extremes of the lunar surface…

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