In the March issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, learn about finding another earth, when chaos is a good thing, radio's next revolution, instacart, powering cargo ships with ammonia, and more.

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Finding Another Earth

Gazing into the dark and seemingly endless night sky above, people have long wondered: Is there another world like ours out there, somewhere? Thanks to new sensors that we and other astronomers are developing

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When Chaos is a Good Thing

To hear Greg Orzell tell it, the original Chaos Monkey tool was simple: It randomly picked a virtual machine hosted somewhere on Netflix's cloud and sent it a “Terminate” command. Unplugged it. Then the Netflix team...

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Radio's Next Revolution

Wireless isn't actually ubiquitous. We've all seen the effects: Calls are dropped and Web pages sometimes take forever to load. One of the most fundamental reasons why such holes in our coverage occur is that wireless

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How Instacart Won Us Over

It's Sunday morning, and, after your socially distanced morning hike, you look at your schedule for the next few days. You need to restock your refrigerator, but the weekend crowds at the supermarket don't

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Powering Cargo Ships with Ammonia

This colorless fuel emits no carbon dioxide when burned. It's abundant and common, and it can be made using renewable electricity, water, and air. Both fuel cells and internal combustion engines can use it

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