In the October issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, read a special report on the next pandemic, AI takes its best shot, how robots became essential workers and more.

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The Next Pandemic

When the Spanish flu pandemic swept across the globe in 1918, it ravaged a population with essentially no technological countermeasures. There were no diagnostic tests, no mechanical ventilators, and no antiviral or widely…

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AI Takes Its Best Shot

In an achievement that would have startled biomedical researchers merely a year ago, vaccines against COVID-19 were already being tested in humans this past March, less than three months after the initial outbreak was

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The Mess Behind the Models

If you wanted to “Flatten the Curve” in 2019, you might have been changing students' grades or stamping down a rug ripple. Today, that phrase refers only to the vital task of reducing the peak number of people concurrently

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How Robots Became Essential Workers

As the coronavirus emergency exploded into a full-blown pandemic in early 2020, forcing countless businesses to shutter, robot-making companies found themselves in an unusual situation: Many saw a surge in orders

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Automating Antivirals

Within moments of meeting each other at a conference last year, Nathan Collins and Yann Gaston-Mathé began devising a plan to work together. Gaston-Mathé runs a startup that applies automated software

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The Ultraviolet Offense

Walk into the Cambridge, Ont., office of health-care equipment company PrescientX and you probably wouldn't suspect you're entering one of the most sanitary places in North America. In this otherwise-ordinary Toronto

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The Dilemma of Contact-Tracing Apps

In June, as the coronavirus swept across the United States, Paloma Beamer spent hours each day helping her university plan for a September reopening. Beamer, an associate professor of public health at the University

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The Race for a Here-And-Now COVID-19 Test

Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 infections is one of the linchpins of the global effort to combat the deadly pandemic. But the strategy normally used for that has a few downsides. For one, the nasopharyngeal

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