In the September issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, learn about inside the Moore's Law machine, reining in artificial intelligence, how self-driving cars are seeing a boost from tiny sensors, and more.

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IEEE Spectrum: September 2023

Inside the Moore's Law Machine

The Moore's Law Machine: The Next Trick to Tinier Transistors is High-Numerical-Aperture EUV Lithography
“Over the last half-century, we've come to think of Moore's Law—the roughly biennial doubling of the number of transistors in a given area of silicon, the gains that drive computing forward—as something that just happens, a natural, inevitable process. The reality, of course, is much different

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Reining in Artificial Intelligence

Regulating Artificial Intelligence
During the past year, perhaps the only thing that has advanced as quickly as artificial intelligence is worry about artificial intelligence. The technology's rapid advancement has brought new urgency to regulatory efforts…

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Hydrogen on the High Sea

Wind-to-Hydrogen Tech Goes to Sea: Is Electrolysis Cheaper Offshore? A New Project will Find Out
Imagine this hopeful, and not impossible, energy scenario for the year 2040. Many countries have met their climate goals and are on track to be completely carbon neutral. Wind and solar parks produce a large portion of their energy. Wind farms are operating off the world's coasts...

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Lidar Chips Get Real

Lidar on a Chip Enters the Fast Lane: Sensors for Self-Driving Cars and Robots will be Tiny, Reliable, and Affordable
Lidar on a Chip Enters the Fast Lane: Sensors for self-driving cars and robots will be tiny, reliable, and affordable

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