In the July issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE, learn about 6G wireless systems, new trends in stochastic geometry for wireless networks, wide bandgap DC-DC converter topologies for power applications, and more.

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6G Wireless Systems: Vision, Requirements, Challenges, Insights, and Opportunities

“Mobile communications have been undergoing a generational change every ten years or so. However, the time difference between the so-called “G’s” is also decreasing. While fifth-generation (5G) systems…”

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New Trends in Stochastic Geometry for Wireless Networks: A Tutorial and Survey

“Next-generation wireless networks are expected to be highly heterogeneous, multilayered, with embedded intelligence at both the core and edge of the network. In such a context, system-level performance evaluation…”

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Wide Bandgap DC–DC Converter Topologies for Power Applications

“Over the last decade, dc–dc power converters have attracted significant attention due to their increased use in a number of applications from aerospace to renewable energy. The interest in wide bandgap (WBG)…

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