For IEEE Electronic Library (IEL) subscribers only

Access to the full text of all IEEE draft standards is available for purchase as an add-on package to IEL subscriptions.

Add-on package features

This drafts add-on package includes:

  • Unapproved drafts—a combination of revisions of previous standards and new ideas that are in the standards development process
  • All approved drafts awaiting standards publication (an approved standard takes approximately three to six months to be published)
  • Approximately 5,000 archival drafts documents to trace the evolution of a standard

Note: IEEE Standards Online (ISOL) packages include draft standards

IEEE Draft Standards help you

  • Get your products to market faster
  • Stay ahead of the competition through awareness of new technologies
  • Increase sales by rapidly responding to new technology opportunities
  • Increase productivity by reducing research time and lessening the risk of early design errors

Add IEEE Draft Standards to your IEEE Electronic Library subscription and help your organization facilitate early compliance and implementation of the standard.

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How to subscribe

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