In the latest issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, read all about the Underwater Transformer. This issue covers the hydrogen train, the last transistor, a forgotten revolution, microgrids going mobile, and more!

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Hydrogen Trains Roll into Service

In June, the United Kingdom's first hydrogen fuel cell train rolled down the tracks, marking a milestone in the global push for greener transportation. Passengers climbed aboard the HydroFlex prototype…

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The Last Silicon Transistor

The modern microprocessor is among the world's most complex systems, but at its heart is a very simple, and we think beautiful, device: the transistor. There are billions of…

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A Forgotten Revolution

As a tech enthusiast, you probably know what microprocessor is in your computer and how much physical memory it has, but odds are you know nothing about…

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Microgrids Go Mobile

On a cool, overcast morning in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, a chunky and colorfully painted ferry waits at a dock as a stream of passengers clambers aboard…

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The Underwater Transformer

I'm drifting weightlessly, in a silence broken only by my own breathing and the occasional update from Mission Control in my headset. But this isn't the dark void of space…

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