In the July issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about the incredible shrinking lens, the problem with digital voiceprints, if AI-generated code can be trusted, advancing robotics, and more.

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IEEE Spectrum: July Issue

The Incredible Shrinking Lens

Nanostructures Transform Tiny Cameras: Thin Semiconductor Metalenses are Finally Moving into Consumers' Hands
“Researchers around the world have been exploring the concept of metalenses for decades. Like the smartphone itself, perhaps the most exciting applications of metalenses are ones we can't even imagine yet…”

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The Problem With Digital Voiceprints

Guided by Voices: Digital Voiceprinting May not be Ready for the Courts
The methods of automated speech recognition, which converts speech into text, can be adapted to perform the more sophisticated task of speaker recognition, which some practitioners refer to as voiceprinting…

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Can AI-Generated Code Be Trusted?

A Critical Look at AI-Generate Software: Coding with the New AI Tools is Both Irresistible and Dangerous
The development of AI sparks several questions. Is AI going to replace human programmers? Is AI-written or assisted code better than the code people write without aids? Are there any concerns with AI-written code and, in particular, with the use of natural-language systems such as ChatGPT?…

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RoboCup at 25

Designing Robots to Best World Cup Winners has Inspired Generations of Roboticists
Compared to 25 years ago, there are now many more robotics competitions to choose from, and applications of AI and robotics are much more widespread. RoboCup inspired many of the other competitions, and it remains the largest such event…

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