In the May issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, learn about artificial emotional intelligence, putting a radio on Venus, the power struggle in wireless, the 2021 IEEE Medal of Honor, and more.

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Artificial Emotional Intelligence

In the past year, have you found yourself under stress? Have you ever wished for help coping? Imagine if, throughout the pandemic, you'd had a virtual therapist powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) system

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Whats Cooler Than Putting a Radio on Venus?

There Were Few bright spots in the pandemic summer of 2020. One of the most dazzling was the flight of U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station and their safe return to Earth aboard a commercial spacecraft...

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The Power Struggle in Wireless

When all is said and done, 5G will cost almost US $1 trillion to deploy over the next half decade. That enormous expense will be borne mostly by network operators, companies like AT&T, China Mobile

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The 2021 IEEE Medal of Honor

Its cousin, lossy compression, is easier to comprehend. Lossy algorithms are used to get music into the popular MP3 format and turn a digital image into a standard JPEG file. They do this by selectively removing bits

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