In the November issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, learn about the quest for assistive robots that empower their users, wind turbines that float, the digital afterlife, better design with generative AI, and more.

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IEEE Spectrum: November Issue

A Robot For Humanity

Assistive Robots
“This robot could be the key to empowering people with disabilities. It's simple to use and give users – and their caretakers – much needed independence…”

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It's Time for Wind Turbines That Float

Wind Turbines That Float
Inside the global race to tap potent offshore wind…The steadiest, strongest winds blow over deep ocean water. Floating wind turbines are designed to exploit that huge untapped potential.

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Are You Prepared for Your Digital Afterlife?

Digital Afterlife
As humans, we have to confront our own mortality. The datafication of our lives means that we now must confront that data will very likely outlive our physical selves. Today, a ‘digital afterlife industry' makes it possible to create reconstructions of dead people based on the data they’ve left behind…

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Better Design With Generative AI

Generative AI
This year, 2023, will probably be remembered as the year of generative AI. It is still an open question whether generative AI will change our lives for the better. One thing is certain, though: New artificial-intelligence tools are being unveiled rapidly and will continue for some time to come…

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