In the newest issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, learn about the First Miner on Mars and don't be surprised that it is not human. Read more on how this can be possible with the use of autonomous robots in the year 2038.

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The First Miner on Mars

No humans are staying behind, but work goes on without them… ”

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An Early Warning System for Sepsis

In hospitals, doctors and nurses keep vigilant watch over patients’ vital signs and blood tests to catch the first symptoms of sepsis…”

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Social Media Bots and Elections

In the summer of 2017, a group of young political activists in the United Kingdom figured out how to use the popular dating app to attract new supporters…

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A Crisis in Miniaturization

How do you squeeze more and more antennas into smaller and smaller mobile devices?…

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Rodney Brooks on Future Tech

BUILDING ELECTRIC CARS and reusable rockets is fairly easy. Building a nuclear fusion reactor, flying cars, self-driving cars, or a Hyperloop system is very hard. What makes the difference?…

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