IEEE is proud to introduce you to IEEE DataPort, a valuable and easy to use data platform which enables users to significantly enhance their research efforts. IEEE DataPort was developed to enable authors to upload and share their research datasets with the global technical community.

Upload and store Standard or Open Access datasets for free with the option to link your paper submission. 

  • Link your Dataset to your Published Paper in IEEE Xplore Manuscript:  IEEE DataPort is integrated with IEEE Xplore, and your dataset can be linked and made available with your IEEE Xplore published paper. 
  • Increase Your Citations: Research data in IEEE DataPort can lead to more citations. Data is citable and IEEE DataPort makes giving and receiving citations simple.
  • 2TB Data Storage: Store datasets up to 2TB each for free on IEEE DataPort. Easy upload process. Instructions can be found here:

                     Instructions for Standard Datasets (accessible to IEEE DataPort subscribers)

                     Instructions for Open Access Datasets (accessible to all users)

                     Instructions for Initiating a Data Competition

  • Supports Open Data: IEEE DataPort provides users with the opportunity to upload Open Access data which is useful if your funding requirements mandate Open Access.  It’s currently free to upload Open Access data (use promo code OPENACCESS1).
  • DOI: All datasets are assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for use in articles and conference proceedings. Strengthen your content by referencing your dataset with the IEEE DataPort DOI.

You can always upload your datasets for free on IEEE DataPort. Log in to IEEE DataPort with your IEEE Account ID (create a free account here if needed – IEEE membership is not required) and then go to SUBMIT DATASET to start your dataset upload.  Non-Open Access datasets can always be uploaded at no cost. For Open Access datasets, be sure to use promo code OPENACCESS1 to ensure a free upload.

Learn More about IEEE DataPort.

Upload your data today for any new or previously published IEEE articles. Click here to get to IEEE DataPort and then select Submit A Dataset.