Impact of IEEE Standards on Emerging Applications

Standardization plays an important role for the dynamics of any market consisting of a mix of technology, policy and business models. The summit will explore key challenges and opportunities in addressing the concerns of specific vertical applications and integration of the various domains from a complete system perspective. It brings together industry experts discussing key advances that are taking place through IEEE Standards and focused towards decision makers, technologists, government organisations, as well as the research community.  

Learn how IEEE Standards Association helps to solve today's global challenges across markets and regions through its standardization platform and  receive an overview of the IEEE Standards Association Practice Areas and how they are building communities to address key contextualized problems (ranging from AI & Ethics, Sustainable Energy to Clinical Trial opportunities). 

  • Energy Practice 9 December @ 11:00AM IST – 1:00PM IST
  • Foundational Technology Practice 9 December @ 3:00PM IST – 5:30PM IST
  • Connectivity & Telecom Practice 9 December @ 6:00PM IST – 8:00PM IST
  • Mobility Practice 10 December @ 3:30PM IST – 5:30PM IST
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice 10 December @ 6:00PM IST – 8:00 PM IST

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Please note: These sessions are listed in Indian Standard Time (IST).