In the December issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about the past, present, and future of the transistor, the case for functional programming, the next step in worker productivity, and more.

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Transistors at 75

Each of us is surrounded by billions, if not trillions of transistors, none of which are visible to the naked eye. It is a testament to imagination and ingenuity of three generations of electronics engineers who took the mammoth point-contact transistor and shrunk it down…

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The Best of Hands On

This month we're celebrating the launch of our second PDF collection of Hands On articles. We thought we'd take a look at the relative popularity of Hands On articles published over the last five years and share the top 15 projects our website visitors found most interesting…

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Stronger Software, Fewer Bugs

A New Way to Squash Bugs: Functional programming is hard to learn but yields fewer nasty surprises…

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The Next Step in Worker Productivity

Get ready…neurotechnology is coming to the workplace. Neural sensors are now reliable and affordable enough to support commercial pilot projects that extract productivity-enhancing data from workers' brains…

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