In the latest issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, read all about the new traffic cops, printed circuit boards, rotor revolution, superintelligence, and more!

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The New Traffic Cops

Today, traffic jams are popping up unexpectedly in previously quiet neighborhoods around the country and the world…

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Printed Circuit Boards Must Go

The need to make some hardware systems tinier and tinier and others bigger and bigger has been driving innovations in electronics for a long time…

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Pitch Perfect

When St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jordan Hicks [below] takes to the mound, batters tremble…

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Rotor Revolution

Manufacturing processes, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and now airplanes are making the move to electrons that Edison predicted more than a century ago…

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Should We Fear Superintelligence?

AI research is making great strides toward its long-term goal of human-level or superhuman intelligent machines…

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