IEEE Xplore has more than 2,000 eBook titles from three leading collections: IEEE-Wiley eBooks, MIT Press eBooks Library, and the Morgan & Claypool Synthesis eBook Library. View the top downloaded titles of 2016

IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library

  1. Pulse Width Modulation for Power Converters/Principles and Practice 
  2. Power System Protection
  3. Practical Image and Video Processing Using MATLAB
  4. Power System Economics/Designing Markets for Electricity 
  5. Power System Control and Stability 

MIT Press eBooks Library

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  2. Processing/A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists  
  3. Decision Making Under Uncertainity/Theory and Application 
  4. Types and Programming Languages 

Morgan & Claypool Synthesis eBooks Library

  1. The Datacenter as a Computer/An Introduction to the Design of Warehouse-Scale Machines
  2. Aaron Swartz’s The Programmable Web/An Unfinished Work
  3. A Handbook for Analytical Writing/Keys to Strategic Thinking
  4. Big Data Integration 
  5. Trust in Social Media