In the March issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, read about extending the human body with extra robotic limbs, get an inside look at Duolingo’s AI, and more.


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Spectrum Cover: March 2023

Extending the Human Body With Extra Robotics Limbs

Roboticists Want to Give You a Third Arm: Unused Bandwidth in Neurons Can be Tapped to Control Extra Limbs
“Extra robotic limbs could be a new form of human augmentation, improving people's abilities on tasks they can already perform as well as expanding their ability to do things they simply cannot do with their natural human bodies…”

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Inside Duolingo's AI

How Duolingo's AI Learns what you Need to Learn: The language-learning app tries to emulate a great human tutor
Duolingo, with its gamelike approach and cast of bright cartoon characters, presents a simple user interface to guide learners through a curriculum that leads to language proficiency, or even fluency. But behind the scenes, sophisticated artificial-intelligence (AI) systems are at work…

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A New Breed of Generator

The Omnivorous Generator: Mainspring's Linear Generator can Run on Almost any Fuel
The story of the linear generator began nearly two decades ago at Stanford's Advanced Energy Systems Laboratory, when mechanical engineering Professor Edwards asked his Ph.D. students a simple question: “What's the most efficient, practical way to convert chemical-bond energy into useful work?'…

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Remembering Xerox's Alto

The Machine That Transformed Computing: The Xerox Alto Combined Windows, WYSIWYG, Menus, and Networking to Make the Modern PC
The Xerox Alto debuted in the early spring of 1973 at the photocopying giant's newly established R&D laboratory, the Palo Alto Research Center. The reason it is so uncannily familiar today is simple: We are now living in a world of computing that the Alto created…

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