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Walk this way: To be useful around people, robots need to learn how to move like we do

Robots have walked on legs for decades. Today's most advanced humanoid robots can tramp along flat and inclined surfaces, climb up and down stairs, and slog through rough terrain. Some can even jump. But despite the progress, legged robots still can't begin to match the agility, efficiency, and robustness of humans and animals…”

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When will useful quantum computers be constructed?

Quantum Computing IS ALL THE RAGE. It seems like hardly a day goes by without some news outlet describing the extraordinary things this technology promises. Most commentators forget, or just gloss over, the fact that people have been working on quantum computing for decades…”

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A grid as big as China

Wind rips across an isolated utility station in northwestern China's desolate Gansu Corridor. More than 2,000 years ago, Silk Road traders from Central Asia and Europe crossed this arid, narrow plain, threading between forbidding mountains to the south…

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How the spectre and meltdown hacks really worked

We're Used to Thinking of computer processors as orderly machines that proceed from one simple instruction to the next with complete regularity. But the truth is, that for decades now, they've been doing their tasks out of order and just guessing at what should come next…

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LoRa's BID to rule the IoT

Cattle may be at home on the range, but modern ranchers need to be able to find their wayward cattle, and inefficiencies in tracking cost the cattle industry around US $4.8 billion a year…

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