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Can Animals Use the Internet?

People surf it. Spiders crawl it. Gophers navigate it. Now, a leading group of cognitive biologists and computer scientists want to make the tools of the Internet accessible to the rest of the animal kingdom…

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Zero to 60 kWh in 15 Minutes

On the A13 highway in Germany, a harried mom pulls into a rest stop, her two restless teenagers in the back of the family's electric SUV. She steers toward a row of 24 sleek, refrigerator-size obelisks…

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How Nuclear Tech Spots Fake Drugs

When you purchase medicine at the drugstore, you assume that it's what you think it is and that the active ingredient in the drug is present in the specified concentration. Unfortunately…

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The Better Biometric

No matter how many times you hold open a cadaver's eyelids to image the irises, each time is uniquely memorable…

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The Magnetic Heart

For more than 50 years, cardiac surgeons and biomedical engineers at the Texas Heart Institute (THI) have been questing for an artificial heart that can fully replace natural ones, which are in terribly short supply for transplant…

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