In the September issue of the IEEE Spectrum Magazine, read about IT's perpetual crisis, the COVID boom in home tech, teaching cars to read body language, detecting the new spyware, aviation batteries, and more.

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IT's Perpetual Crisis

Fix the damn unemployment system!” This past spring, tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs due to lockdowns aimed at slowing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. And untold numbers of…

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The COVID Boom in Home Tech

Remember March, when stay-at-home orders and advisories first went into effect in many U.S. states and other places around the world? That month is generally not a big time for consumer electronics…

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Teaching Cars to Read Body Language

A four-lane street narrows to two to accommodate workers repairing a large pothole. One worker holds a stop sign loosely in his left hand as he waves cars through with his right. Human drivers don't…

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Detecting the New Spyware

In 2018, an article in Bloomberg Businessweek made the stupendous assertion that Chinese spy services had created back doors to servers built for Amazon, Apple, and others by inserting millimeter…

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Will Aviation Batteries Soar?

Electric aircraft are all the rage, with prototypes in development in every size from delivery drones to passenger aircraft. But the technology has yet to take off, and for one reason: lack of a suitable battery…

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